Norman A. Cope and Associates, Inc.

Experts in Forensic Engineering, Forensic Investigations, Failure Analysis, Fire Investigation and Accident Reconstruction

Norman A Cope & Associates, Inc. specializes in forensic engineering and failure analysis services to the insurance and legal industries, as well as to the private sector . Norman A Cope & Associates’s consultants are licensed professional forensic engineers committed to delivering the highest quality, technically accurate, and scientifically supportable forensic engineering analyses possible to clients. The company uses a variety of testing equipment, 2-D and 3-D computer graphics, 3-D animations and simulations to augment its engineering and technical services.

Time after time, in thousands of forensic investigations, Norman A Cope & Associates’s experts’ high standards, integrity, specialized expertise, and demonstrable scientific findings have provided satisfied clients with the necessary tools for successful resolution of complex issues.


Forensic engineering investigations, fire investigations, accident reconstructions, mechanical failure investigations, household product failures, lightning loss analysis can make the difference between success or failure in the courtroom. Forensic engineering capabilities – combined with the ability to graphically and visually demonstrate investigative results – allow integrity-driven expert witnesses to deliver visual imagery augmenting expert testimony.


All clients depend on the expert witness of Norman A Cope & Associates’s engineers; secure in the knowledge the expert testimony presented is soundly based on professional forensic engineering capabilities and testing of each case. These findings are further substantiated by research data over many years of forensic investigations. The company has investigated over 20, 000 cases which include residential and commercial fires and explosions, vehicular and industrial accident reconstructions, vehicular failures, household product failures, lightning loss analysis’s, plumbing failures, and so forth. The company’s expert forensic engineering teams are some of the best investigators in the south east.  In all incidents, accidents, and testing, the collected data is assiduously analyzed by discipline-specific forensic engineers, then assessed from a rigorous multidisciplinary perspective, and even the most complex scientific issues are presented to clients in a clear, easy-to-comprehend format.